Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a creative adventure that consists of 6 sessions which should be approximately 45 minutes that intertwines mindfulness activities with social and emotional competencies. Session 6 is a reflection and wrap up of what students learned on their journey.



  • Helps develop self- management.
  • Helps develop emotional awareness.
  • Helps develop responsible decision- making.

Lesson 1: Feelings

  • Students will become emotionally aware of their current emotional state.

Lesson 2: Thoughts and Feelings

  • Students will see the difference and connection between thoughts and feelings.
  • Students will be able to connect their thoughts, feelings and actions so that they will be better able to manage them.

Lesson 3: Decisions, Decisions

  • Students will learn responsible decision-making skills.

Lesson 4: Bounce Back

Students will learn the meaning of resiliency and adaptation skills.


Lesson 5: Stress Management

  • Students will understand and identify stress.
  • Students will learn healthy ways to manage stress.

Lesson 6: Reflection and Wrap Up

  • Students will reflect upon what was retained from their Summer Breeze adventure.