Middle School Program

Seasons of Respect –  Program Model Information


Respect through the Arts: RAP

This project is an afterschool program for middle schools centered on exploring respect through the creative arts. The media we use will include writing, film and visual arts. Each lesson begins with an essential question focused on Respect. Students explore ideas of respect as it relates to self, others, the learning environment, community, and self-expression.

Project Respect Sessions and Brief Descriptions


Workshop #1 — What is Respect?

Students explore the meaning of RESPECT in the “Fishbowl”.


Workshop #2 — Using Empathy to Deal with Bullying

Students reflect and analyze the impact of bullying on their lives in school and the community, realize that there are no innocent bystanders and that each of them can help stop bullying, and become aware of why it is important to speak up and be an “Upstander”.


Workshop #3 — Conflict Resolution

Identify conflict resolution strategies and classify those strategies into categories they can all recognize:  “Dangerous Problem”, “It’s Too Much”, “Talk It Out”, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.


Workshop #4 — Understanding Peer Relations

Identify the importance of self-esteem and self-acceptance, and provide strategies to improve self-image.


Workshop #5 — Digital Citizenship: Using Social Media

Explore Communication and its role in our lives, and examine Social Media Etiquette.


Workshop #6 — Digital Citizenship: Cyber Bullying

Students examine cyber bullying and its impact, develop tips to identify cyber bullying, and help other students research the impact of this behavior in their school community.


Workshop #7 — Student Projects

Each school determines how student leave an imprint on the school community through what they learned with a class project to be determined by the 7th grade team.

If you are interested in having Seasons of Respect in your school next year, please contact our office at 302-656-2122.