Program Workshops

We offer seven one-hour workshops spaced throughout the school year in each class, using creative and entertaining interactive methods to involve children. Each workshop has its own theme and lesson to be taught. Some examples are “The Concept of Respect”, “Respectful Listening”, “Emotions in the Classroom”, and “Conflict Resolution”. During these workshops, they directly experience:

how it feels to respect and be respected

choices and consequences of actions and reactions

the importance of listening to others

techniques children can use to discourage bullying in their schools

the impact of reaching outside yourself to appreciate and help others

Seasons of Respect workshops incorporate a variety of approaches to creatively teach children. We emphasize the following lessons, which can serve as a key to success for our students:

the difference between respectful behavior, which everyone deserves, and feeling of respect for someone, which is earned

the importance of positive emotions in their classrooms and behaviors they will engage to in order to support these emotions

strategies for working together to avoid or resolve peer-to-peer conflict and prevent bullying

The workshop provides an on-going program where classmates practice respect and recognize each other throughout the year for their respectful behavior.

Being very aware of the limited time available in classrooms for additional activities, SOR is making certain that its activities are tied to State ELA and American School Counselor Association standards so that time spent does not detract from the goals of teachers and counselors.

More detailed information about each individual program’s workshops:

Resources we use to create our curriculum for the Seasons of Change workshops