Seasons of Respect

What do we do?
Seasons of Respect is a hands-on, interactive program that focuses on helping children learn how giving respect creates a safe learning environment that can lead to improved self-esteem, confidence, and academic success. As a matter of fact, after participating in the workshop:
  • 93% of students stated that they now understand the difference between respectful behavior and disrespectful. 93% 93%
  • 90% of the students now believe that we all need to behave respectfully towards each other 90% 90%
  • 75% would like the rest of their school to experience a Seasons of Respect workshop. 75% 75%

We implement the program through our in-school workshop series for 4th, 5th, and 7th grades, our Respect Through the Arts after school program, and our new Character Climb Peer Helping program.

This character education program supports efforts to improve school climate, enhances the Positive Behavior Support Programs (PBS) in schools, and is a bully prevention tool to assist schools in addressing Delaware’s anti bullying laws. Since piloted in 2006, the program has grown to serve over 16,000 in 54 public schools throughout Delaware!

Want to know how to get involved?

If you’re a school principal or counselor who is interested in implementing Seasons of Respect in your school, or even just wanting to learn more about it, feel free to contact our office at 302-656-2122.

We’ll even train you, free of charge!

In offering the 4th and 5th grade programs, we provide the curriculum, training on the curriculum, a comprehensive Program Manual, all handouts/supplies for activities, ongoing communication and assistance, trainers to facilitate the program in two classrooms, and mid-year and end-of-year meetings to provide support, review, and evaluate the curriculum.

For the middle school program, we provide a team collaboration to address critical issues relevant to middle schoolers, a comprehensive Program Manual, all handouts and supplies, on-going communication and assistance throughout the year, and a year-end gathering of school counselors to celebrate together, evaluate the program, and review the curriculum.

Character Climb Peer Helping Program

We’re piloting a new program! Character Climb is a new Peer Helping Initiative which trains upper elementary students (4th and 5th grades) to provide support to lower elementary school students (K through 2nd grades) in John M. Clayton and Richardson Park Elementary Schools in Delaware. The concept behind Character Climb is that peer helping is a journey that both the helper and the recipient of help experience together. We believe that each participant in this relationship will strengthen their character, develop social and emotional skills, confidence, and self-esteem. The helpers, known as guides, will also improve their leadership skills, goal setting abilities, and learn about responsibility through the commitment they make to their climbing buddy.

There has been a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm from the participating schools, school staff, parents, and Connecting Generations staff surrounding this new program. The pilot has been under development since the summer of 2012 and has been funded by the Christ Church Christiana Hundred.

We are planning to expand the number of sites for next year!