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Publications and Resources

Workshop Resources 

American School Counselor Association. 2005. The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs, Second Edition. Alexandria, VA: Author. (Includes ASCA Standards) 

American Youth Policy Forum. American Youth Policy Forum: Bridging youth policy, practice, and research. Program areas.

Berkowitz, M. W. and M. C. Bier. 2005. What works in character education: a research-driven guide for educators. 43 pp. Character Education Partnership

Bodin, A. M. TABS Bibliography. useful references.) 

Center for Development and Learning. 2007. CDL Home Page. 

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence. 2007. CSPV Home Page. An entrance point for: Blueprints for Violence Prevention, an evaluation of violence prevention programs. 

Character Education Partnership. 2005. Lesson Plans. Ideas from teachers for teachers. 

Character Education Partnership. 2006. Character Education Quality Standards: A Self-Assessment Tool for Schools and Districts. 16 pp. Character Education Partnership.{77B36AC3-5057-4795-8A8F-9B2FCB86F3EB}/2006qualitystandards.pdf 

Committee for Children. 2007. Second Step overview. (Second Step is a program which includes lessons for teachers’ weekly or twice-weekly class meetings. Some of our counselors have it and recommend it.) 

Delaware Bullying Prevention Association. Prevention, Intervention, Education. Home Page.

Delaware Department of Education and University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies. 2006. Positive Behavior Support Project Home Page.

Delaware Department of Education. 2007. Delaware Recommended Curriculum Content Standards. (Academic standards) 

Delaware State Attorney General’s Office. 2007. (Various bully prevention information pages.)

Denny, R. and R. Hauge. 2007. Strands of Truth: A Bully Prevention Handbook Delaware Version. 200 pp. 

Drew, Naomi. 2006. Learning Peace.

Elkind, D. H. and F. Sweet. Reaching at-risk students through video. Live-wire Media.

Kelso’s Choices. This is a copyrighted program, on conflict resolution. It’s for younger elementary school children and teaches them about conflict resolution choices.

Nucci, L. 2006. Studies in moral development and education: developing fairness and concern for others. University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Olweus, D. 1993. Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do. 140 pp. Blackwell Publishing, Malden, MA. (Important book on bullying research from Norway.) 

Olweus, D. 2001. Olweus’ Core Program Against Bullying and Antisocial Behavior: A Teacher Handbook. Version III, 2001. University of Bergen, Norway. (Program on bully prevention for schools and teachers.) 

Operation Respect. 2005. Home Page. Home of Don’t Laugh At Me program, videos, audio, etc. 

Peace Learning Center. 2006. Peace Education Materials.

Roerden, L. P. 2000. Don’t Laugh at Me Teachers’ Guide 2-5. Creating a Ridicule-Free Classroom. 92 pp. Peter Yarrow Productions and Educators for Social Responsibility, New York, NY and Cambridge, MA 

Roerden, L. P. 2000. Don’t Laugh at Me Teachers’ Guide 6-8. Creating a Ridicule-Free Classroom. 101 pp. Peter Yarrow Productions and Educators for Social Responsibility, New York, NY and Cambridge, MA 

Search Institute. 2007. Search institute home. An independent non-profit promoting healthy children, youth, and communities. 

U. S. Office of Special Education Program. 2007. National Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS).

University of Illinois at Chicago. 2006. Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning.

University of Illinois Extension. Out on a limb: a guide to getting along. Teacher’s guide.

Wiseman, R. 2002. Queen Bees & Wannabes. 336 pp. Three Rivers Press, New York, NY. (Book about girls’ cliques.)

Youth Frontiers. 2007. Respect Advisory Curriculum.

Youth Peace Committee. Victory Over Violence (Organization Home Page). Youth-created website.

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