5th Grade Program

Journey of Respect

5th Grade – Journey of Respect

Fifth-grade students will examine their emotions and identify values that reinforce respectful behavior.

To find out how to bring this innovative program to your school, contact our office at 302-656-2122. 

Seasons of Respect Sessions and Brief Descriptions



Workshop #1 — The Concept of Respect

Students will explore what respect means to them and why it is

Workshop #2 — Respectful Listening

Develop students’ understanding of the connection between listening and respect.

Workshop #3 — Emotions in the Classroom (Part 1)

Verbalize connections between emotions and respect, show comprehension of basic emotions by classifying emotions according to feeling type, learn definitions for several new emotion words.

Workshop #4 — Emotions in the Classroom (Part 2)

Students explore the range of emotions they want to encourage and eliminate from the classroom.  They decide which emotions most related to respect that they particularly want to foster.

Workshop #5 — Conflict Resolution

Identify the negative impacts on others if students in a classroom are on the “disrespect escalator”. Identify conflict resolution strategies and classify those strategies into categories they can all recognize:  “Dangerous Problem”, “It’s Too Much”, “Talk It Out”, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.

Workshop #6 — Bully Prevention

Become aware of many types of discrimination that students may have observed or been subject to without thinking about it. Determine the difference between discrimination and bullying. Realize that there are no innocent bystanders and that each of them can help stop bullying.

Workshop #7 — Labeling

Realize that labeling is a common phenomenon and there are many different ways we can label others: some feel good, and some feel bad. Connect the concept of “labeling” with that of “stereotyping” and explore some of the ways that we stereotype others and that we may have been stereotyped and how these might feel.

Workshop #8 — Reflection and Celebration

Reflect upon the workshop series with students. Show respect and appreciation for students’ work by celebrating their completion of this workshop series and giving each participant a completion certificate.