4th Grade Programs

Exploration of Respect

4th Grade – Exploration Respect 

An in-school workshop series taught by highly qualified facilitators in the classroom, allowing each child immediate success to apply their newly acquired skills with their peers, teachers, and other important adults in their lives. 

To find out how to bring this innovative program to your school, contact our office at 302-656-2122.

Exploration Respect Sessions and Brief Descriptions



Workshop #1 — Respect

Students will explore what respect means to them and why it is important in their relationships with friends, school mates and family.

Workshop #2 — Respectful Friendships

Develop student’s understanding of what friendship is and what it means to be a good friend.

Workshop #3 — Friendship and You

Students examine ways to become a more respectful friend and steps to take to admit mistakes. 

Workshop #4 — Feeling Anger

Develop student’s understanding of healthy anger and techniques they can use to diffuse their level of anger.

Workshop #5 — Handling Healthy Anger

Students learn ways to communicate their anger in a healthy way to others and identify conflict resolution skills that can lead to a win/win when dealing with anger situations.

Workshop #6 — Believe in Yourself

Become aware of many internal and external qualities to appreciate about self and realize that there are accomplishments each of us have to be proud of.

Workshop #7 — Respectful Gratitude

Students explore the differences between appreciation, gratitude, and entitlement and examine qualities in others that students appreciate and are grateful to experience.