Creative Education

What do we do?

The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning defines social and emotional learning (SEL) as “the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to understand and manage emotions, set and accomplish goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.”

Our SEL programs explore the five core competencies of SEL – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making – as well as the importance of respect. Our approach engages students in interactive and hands on activities that allow students to examine and analyze the role that they play in helping schools create a safe climate and positive culture.

Creative Education is a hands-on, interactive program that focuses on helping children learn how giving respect creates a safe learning environment that can lead to improved self-esteem, confidence, and academic success. As a matter of fact, after participating in the workshop:

  • 93% of students stated that they now understand the difference between respectful behavior and disrespectful. 93% 93%
  • 90% of the students now believe that we all need to behave respectfully towards each other 90% 90%
  • 75% would like the rest of their school to experience a Creative Education workshop. 75% 75%

This character education program supports efforts to improve school climate, enhances the Positive Behavior Support Programs (PBS) in schools, and is a bully prevention tool to assist schools in addressing Delaware’s anti bullying laws. Since piloted in 2006, the program has grown to serve over 16,000 in 54 public schools throughout Delaware!

Want to know how to get involved?

If you’re a school principal or counselor who is interested in implementing a Creative Education workshop in your school, or even just wanting to learn more about it, feel free to contact our office at 302-656-2122.


Social and Emotional Learning Programs

Power of Water (POW)

A 10-week character-building workshop series centered around the theme of water that help students navigate and adapt to change and process trauma. POW seeks to promote students’ positive coping mechanisms and adaptation skills in a changing world. Students learn strategies for dealing with difficult times, how to manage positive and negative thoughts, how to adapt to change, how to make positive decisions, and the importance of building healthy relationships.

Summer Breeze Summer Program

This program is activity based and centered on exploring emotions, resiliency and managing stress.

For more information, please contact or call (302) 656-2122.


Respect Through the Arts (RAP)

This program is centered on exploring respect through the arts. Each lesson begins with an essential question focused on “Respect” and explores SEL competencies. Programs are designed for grades K-8 (High School program are available).


Character Climb

Character Climb is a Peer Helping Initiative which trains upper elementary students (4th and 5th grades) to provide support to lower elementary school students (K through 2nd grades). The concept behind Character Climb is that peer mentoring is a journey that both the helper and the recipient of help experience together. We believe that each participant in this relationship will strengthen their character, develop social and emotional skills, confidence, and self-esteem. The helpers, known as guides, will also improve their leadership skills, goal setting abilities, and learn about responsibility through the commitment they make to their climbing buddy.

There has been a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm from the participating schools, school staff, parents, and Connecting Generations staff surrounding this program. This program was created in the summer of 2012 and has been funded by the Christ Church Christiana Hundred.