Coordinator Corner

Welcome to the Coordinator Corner!

Recruitment Tools 

Mentor Poster 8.5 x 11 – Feel free to print this small version yourself, or contact us and we can provide full size posters to you to tailor and post in your school and in nearby locations (i.e. grocery stores, library, community centers).  Note: If you are printing this yourself, be sure to choose: fit to printer margins.

Recruitment AD – Use this sample advertisement to recruit new mentors.  Personalize it to fit your program’s needs and then send it to the appropriate person in your school and district for the upcoming newsletters.  Shthroughout your community to local businesses, churches, merchants, etc. to recruit mentors and gain support for your mentoring program.

Mentor of the Month Nomination Form – Nominate a mentor and share their story of being an outstanding volunteer in your school’s program.  If selected, they’ll receive a token of our appreciation and will be featured on Connecting Generations’ website and/or Facebook page.  One nomination per county is chosen monthly when submitted.

Church Bulletin – Use to insert into a church’s bulletin or newsletter to recruit mentors from within their religious or faith-based institution.

Business Letter for recruiting Mentors– Letter to businesses requesting support of your mentor program. 

Benefits to and Responsibilities of Business Partners– Invite businesses to get involved with supporting mentoring by giving them this information about how easy it is to become a Creative Mentoring business partner- include this document with the business letter.

Mentor Coordinator Database

Committed and supported coordinators are one of the most important keys to successful in-school and workplace Creative Mentoring programs in Delaware. Here, you will find recruitment, program, and recognition tools that you can use for your mentoring program. Also, take a look at the most Frequently Asked Questions from our coordinators. We update these as we get input from coordinators like you, so check back often!

If you would like access or training for the database, please contact us.

Q: I know someone who applied to become a Creative Mentor, but I haven’t heard from you about them. When can they start to mentor?
A: Once the application is approved, you will receive an email confirming the application is complete, and a fax with copy of criminal background check and other forms. You can check the status of any applicant by logging into the database. When a new mentor puts in an application and has selected your school, their name will appear in your database.
Q: A mentor contacted me to follow a student from another school. Can they mentor at my school?
A: Absolutely! Just call Connecting Generations at 302.656.2122.
Q: I can’t log into the database (or I’ve forgotten my password). What should I do?
A: Call Connecting Generations at 302.656.2122.