Character Climb

Character Climb (C.C.)

The Character Climb program is a comprehensive peer facilitation project that trains upper elementary students (4th and 5th) to work with KN, 1st and 2nd grade students on Social Emotional activities. Pairs build supportive peer relationships throughout the school year.

Character Climb is a social emotional program that trains students in 4th and 5th grades to peer mentor younger students in Kindergarten through 2nd grades. The main focus is to develop effective social and emotional skills in the mentors (Guides) and mentees (Climbers), as they take their imaginary journey climbing a mountain. What separates this program from other social emotional curriculum is the formation of positive connections across different grades, which helps to promote positive school climate. It is also an effective intervention to assist in meeting the student’s behavioral and academic needs.

The program is managed by a TEAM of school staff who will be trained to support and coordinate the implementation of the program.

Guides (mentors) apply by writing an essay basically expressing what would make them a good mentor. They are honored once chosen.

The Guides are trained by a Connecting Generations SEL Facilitator during a free time, not disturbing academics, for approximately 12 sessions.

Climbers (mentees) are identified by the school counselor and/or school team. Matches are made according to the professional’s knowledge of the students’ personalities and experiences.

Once matched, the pairs meet weekly in a monitored space with necessary supplies.

The sessions typically consist of a warm welcome, brief icebreaker, SEL skill building activity, and free time.

Support group meetings should be held for the Guides to answer any questions they may have, debrief, and to offer guidance.

At the end of the experience for that school year, many schools choose to celebrate the success of the program.