Our Programs

Working exclusively through schools and other educational institutions, Connecting Generations offers two programs throughout Delaware that offer strong, affirmative solutions toward resolving many challenges that today’s youth experience.

We are helping children overcome adversity by helping them to build a strong foundation of social emotional skills including: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Between Creative Mentoring and Seasons of Respect, we are seeing positive changes! These programs are reaching thousands of children each year and 70% of students are showing improved behavior, attendance and classroom engagement. Are you interested in being a part of the change you want to see in the world?

Check out our options below and see how you can make a real-world difference in a child’s life.

Creative Mentoring

Creative Mentoring is the only statewide, free, mentor training program and is available to any adult interested in mentoring youth in the state of Delaware.

What started as a handful of mentors at a single school has grown into a state-wide program that supports 1800 students at 87 schools throughout Delaware, including programs using high school students as mentors. By providing application processing and standardized mentoring materials, we simplify the coordination of mentoring programs. We also directly manage mentoring programs in 17 schools in Kent and New Castle Counties. Over 2,000 adults and high school students that have been trained by Creative Mentoring are currently mentoring in schools throughout the state each year, providing over 45,000 hours of volunteer service.  To learn more about this inspiring program, please contact us at (302) 656-2122 x0018 or via email. 



Trained mentors

Hours of volunteer service

Seasons of Respect

Seasons of Respect is a program that focuses on teaching children how giving respect creates a safer learning environment, which ultimately leads to improved self-esteem, confidence, and academic success.
Seasons of Respect is implemented in a few different ways: through our in-school workshop series for 4th, 5th, and 7th grades, in our Respect the Arts after-school program, and in our new Character Climb Peer Helping program. These interactive, character education programs support efforts to improve school climate, enhance Positive Behavior Support Systems (PBS) in schools, and serve as bullying prevention tools to assist schools in addressing Delaware’s anti-bullying laws. Since piloted in 2006, Seasons of Respect programs have grown to serve over 22,000 students in 60 public schools throughout Delaware. Seasons of Respect was developed in concert with the Positive Behavior Support Project of the University of Delaware. Let’s work together to empower our youth!  To learn more about Seasons of Respect and how you can partner with us, please contact us at (302) 656-2122 x0017 or via email.